30.0kW Solar PV Full Kit (on-ground or flat roof)
This is large sized system that will require large surface to be installed.
It could be split between 2 or more surfaces and could be installed with 1 or 3 phased inverters
Total panels size just 175 square meters
Price including VAT
2995 GBP

30.0kW Solar PV Kit System (On-Roof)
Qty 87 - 345W Canadian Solar
Qty 6 - Solis 5.0kW Dual Tracker Single Phase Inverter (Built in DC Isolator)
or Qty 2 - Solis 15.0kW Dual Tracker Three Phase Inverter (Built in DC Isolator)
Qty 1 - Renusol Console+ Ground / Flat Roof mounting system (Universal Fitting)
Qty 1 - Rayleigh Generation Meter
Qty 1 - Santon AC Isolator
Qty 1 - Multicontact 4mm DC Cable
Qty 2 - MC4 Connectors
Qty 1 - Safety Label Set
Qty 1 - Fitting Instructions

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